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Grounding Hug from Green Earth Gallery

artistic practice

My artistic practice has a lot of moving parts. The core premise of my work is movement, which comes from a lifelong career in dance.

After years of formal education and training in dance, followed by a very rewarding and successful period of performing, choreographing and presenting dance, my soul began to yearn for something more.  Perhaps something more challenging and complex, more integrated, layered, more personal and meaningful for me.


This realization was very profound for me.  It moved me out of a dance studio and into nature.  


I have always had a deep connection with the natual world and the elements, especially water.  I was born at the foot of the Canadian Rockies in Calgary, AB.  So much of my life has been enjoyed spending family time at Lake Minnewaka and in the hot springs of Banff, at the cottage in Kawartha Lakes or hiking the Niagara Escarpment near Niagara Falls, ON


In 2018, I was called to return home after many years of living and learning in Ontario.  This journey eventually moved me to the most western point in Canada all the way to Tofino, British Columbia.  The Pacific Ocean and the epic landscapes of this place, ingnited the wild in me.  It ultimately inspired the creation of my first interdisciplinary work, WAVE.  

Since then, I have continued to experience an intense need and desire to connect with, immerse myself in and listen to the calls of the wild. 


Jorneying of all kinds has become an integral part of my art making process.  It is as essential as movement and the natural world.  I move myself far and wide when I immerse myself in the Okanagan in British Columbia every summer and beyond or when I often go to Florida near the Gulf of Mexico to visit my family. 

My soul journeys are recorded in written reflections.  My artistic practice, is indeed my way of living and being in this world.  It is my integrated way of sharing, expressing and communicating all of the beauty and wonder I experience in the places and spaces I call home.   I hope my work inspires you to connect with nature and take adventurous, creative journeys of your own.

Green Goddess.11x14.png

Green Goddess, Artwork created from photography from Green Earth Gallery

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