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Mary Jo lives near Pelee Island, a beautiful island paradise in the most southerly region of Canada known for its secluded beaches and provincial nature reserves and immerses herself in The Okanagan Valley in British Columbia.  She is deeply and intimately connected to her environment.



Her formal education and training is embedded in the forms of contemporary dance and early creative works emphasised the modern dance technique of Martha Graham. Experimentation in later years with performance improvisation, creating site-specific dance, performing in dance films and interdisciplinary work and creating a dance installation for the first mobile network in Canada gave way to an entirely new form of artistic expression and practice.

Mary Jo now creates expressions of dance, photography, visual art and/or film, to integrate her life and art, make meaningful connections between herself and her environment and share the beauty of the world that surrounds her.

Ghosts That Haunt, from Ancestor Speak - She Walks Both Worlds

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