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Be moved and draw to you all your heart desires

Mary Jo Mullins is an award winning Canadian dance artist and a photographer. 


During the early years of her career, she danced in the works of many acclaimed Canadian choreographers, educated  thousands of young people through workshops, master classes and mentorship programs and co-founded and directed Niagara Dance Company, one of the first regional professional contemporary dance companies in Ontario. 

With her formal education and training embedded in the forms of contemporary dance, she has also become a self taught photographer and an avid practitioner of Conscious Bodies Methodology by Dreamwalker Dance. This sensory awakening artistic practice has become the heart of all her creations, inspiring empowering embodiment and consciously connecting her inner and outer worlds.

Mary Jo is a western girl at heart, having come into this life near the Candian Rockies in Calgary, Alberta. Now living near Pelee Island in Ontario, she immerses herself in The Okanagan Valley in British Columbia.  The landscape of her life continues to make significant imprints on her being, like tattoos in her psyche and memories from the heart.​ 


Approaching her arts practice with this interdisciplinary lens, she creates expressions of dance, photography and film to integrate her life and art, make meaningful connections between her self and her environment and share the beauty of the world that surrounds her.  ​ 


Deeply and intimately connected with nature and the elements, Mary Jo has been creating works of art that embody various aspects of the sacred feminine for over two decades. 

Mary Jo Mullins

Mary Jo Mullins
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