Don't ask me where that title came from!! lol Except to say that must have been how part of me felt to be exploring the Okanagan for the very first time and that Anne is my middle name. My mom tells me that I spent a night in Kelowna when I was 8 years old...but I do not remember! It must have been in the middle of our stays between Jasper and Kamloops...cuz those I remember...but I thought I was 6...and does it really matter anyways??

Yes.....it's true.... I did venture off into the wild unknown (hardly!) in the middle of a pandemic and and the worst wildfire season beautiful bc can remember....all by myself. I know!! I almost made it to Revelstoke and Glacier National Park too...but given the sort of wild circumstances of my stay and the fact that the original three week plan was drastically reduced to 9 nights....welp!!...let's just say I didn't make it there. But, I was totally stoked and ready to head out and make the 3.5 hour summer mountain drive so I could get a little wilder and hike more remotely. Next time for sure.....because I am already planning my next time.

Given that there were sooooooooo many last minute travel plan advisories and changes....more than once in fact...mebbe like 3 times actually...I am amazed that I actually made it there...never mind able to take some photos. Unfortunately, I was not able to complete my vision which included me in the landscape with movement....I was very inspired though and did find at least two locations to head back to for these interdisciplinary shoots. All this means really is that this project will continue to expand and develop over time....which as I reflect on it now is super exciting, inspiring and encouraging.

Here's a sneak peek at some photos from the journey....and some that I will be working with for this collection. Enjoy!!

~ MM