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As you can probably already guess, I love the water. Also, hiking, travel, photography, film and dance. This work, WAVE, has a lot of moving parts, literally and figuratively. It all started back in 2018 on a plane ride home from the Gulf of Mexico in sunny Florida. "After about 700 changes, years of intense research and over a decade of odd little occurrences in my life, something finally moved me so strongly that it could not be ignored. It happened on my way home from visiting my family in Florida in March of 2018. I dunno. Something just came over me like a wave. Like that pattern cello music by David Lang and gloriously played by Maya Beiser, World to Come... I was on the plane all fresh and sunny like flying back to Detroit. With the ocean swelling my soul. I was compelled to go to Vancouver Island. I was planning a family road trip out West for that summer. Back to Calgary and beyond where I was born. Hadn't been out west in 40 years. I love the Rockies know? Those mountains. They were a huge impact on my formative years. The idea of mountains and the ocean together. Now that is what had me. " So, I went back for three weeks in the summer of 2018, including a road trip through Alberta and a stint in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. It was so amazing and breathtaking to be back there, I decided that I must spend more time there. I didn't know how...but was determined to do it. And this need and desire to create kept driving me forward. I was so determined, I ended up on the island again for 10 days the following summer. This time, I took my son to Tofino for part of the time. Wow. One of the ways I decided to keep the Spirit of The West alive in me was to spend as much time as possible enjoying the outdoors where I live in Essex County. This lead me to Wheatley Provincial Park, Ontario on the Fall Equinox after finally deciding to commence work on my project, WAVE. ​The afternoon at Wheatley Provincial Park resulted in over 300 photographs of various types of waves. All made from my body being moved in space, while at one with nature and my surroundings....all sourced from one very powerful and beautiful word, wave.

~ MM



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