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Wild Woman Photography is my take on special occasion photography for those who identify with the wild woman principle.  Think portrait, boudoir, adventure elopement, pregnancy and milestone photography all rolled up into one unique expression of YOU, the Wild Woman.  Book your photo shoot with me for any location of your choice within Ontario or British Columbia, Canada.

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My galleries are grouped into one of three Collections:  Land, Body and Nature.  And, they all feature photos from my travels throughout Ontario and British Columbia.

The Land Collection contains landscape photos, several of which are available to purchase as art prints.  The Body Collection features beautiful bodies in beautiful places while The Nature Collection highlights the elements.

Some of my photographs are also utilized as source material for the creation of contemporary dance works as part of my creative process.  Others, are actually integrated into the dance works.


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"Beauty through dance, photography and film sharing a passion for travel and the outdoors."
~ MM

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