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Your Photoshoot Location

Maidstone Conservation Area, Lakeshore ON

Your selected the forest, with tall trees as your ideal location for your Wild Woman Photoshoot.  

After reflecting on our conversation and your responses to questions, I have selected this location for your WILD WOMAN photoshoot and The Huntress and The Maiden as your WILD WOMAN archetypes.


Maidstone Conservation Area, Lakeshore Ontario

Your Wild Woman


The Huntress and The Maiden

Artemis, Danielle Nicole.jpg
Goddess Persephone.jpg

The Huntress Archetype

​is the path to independence and the warrior spirit.  She is focused on attaining her personal goals and represents the ability of a woman to pursue a life of her own choosing. Her greatest strengths are: courage, self reliance, goal orientation and is often sympathetic to woman's issues. 

Daenerys from Game of Thrones, Artemis, Serena Williams

The Maiden Archetype

is the embodiment of youth and innocence.  She is strongly connected to her inner child, good-hearted and is capable of seeing the world with fresh eyes each day. If you are an archetypal Maiden, your playfulness and creativity can light up a room and you are likely to be very optimistic and faithful. She also moves through life intuitively, enjoys helping others and is very open to learning.

Audrey Hepburn,  Persesphone, Artemis, Sleeping Beauty


Artemis  by Danielle Nicole

Goddess Persephone

Daenerys Targaryen Game of Thrones by Majdish

Artemis by Danielle Nicole 

on ArtStation

Your Mood Board

As We See It.

Playful, creative, courageous and intuitive

Connecting with trees

The forest with tall trees to climb

Light green, blue and red-orange colours

Plants, leaves and or flowers to explore


Wardrobe, Props, Hair & Makeup

We will take a few mini shoots with different looks.  You will need the following or similar.

Long flowing skirts: blue, green, orange-red and/or brown

Natural Makeup

Loose Hair with waves or curls

Modest Nudity

Fern fronds or similar

Fragmentation shots

Blue flowers

This magical forest in Belgium is covered in blue flowers in spring.jpg
Photo by Olena Bohovyk on Unsplash.jpg
Maid of Buttermere Fable Inspired Bridal Story by Taylor & Porter _ Wedding Sparrow _ wedd
tout ce qui me touche____edited.jpg
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