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Wild Woman Photography is my take on special occasion photography for those who identify with the wild woman principle.  Think portrait, landscape and adventure photography all rolled up into one unique expression of YOU, the Wild Woman.


Conscious Bodies

A sensory awakening and nourishing embodiment practice by Dreamwalker Dance. I invite you to join me, arrive with any shade of participation that feels right for you and discover the awareness that lives in your body, heart, mind and soul.  All that is required is a willlingness to participate.  ONline or IN Person sessions available.



Be moved and draw to you all your heart's desire.

My name is Mary Jo Mullins, and I’m a Canadian award winning dance artist and a photographer. 

Expanding my artistic practice to reflect my life long love of nature, travel and photography, my performance works will take us on adventures through dance and life.

My formal education and training in the arts is embedded in the forms of contemporary dance.   A self taught photographer, I approach the creation of my performance work with an interdisciplinary lens, seeking to fully integrate my life and environment with my artistic practice. 


Driftwood X_edited.jpg


Members receive monthly newsletters containing all of the details about my offerings and activitiies.  Find out when and where I will be facilitating  Conscious Bodies Sessions, when and where I will be performing, read my blogs about my artistic practice and more!!  You will start receiving newsletters via email once you become a Member.

Video Shares

This is a new offering for members only.  From time to time, I will be sharing elements of a video library that I am working on.  Who knows what I will come up with or how they may be presented or incorporated into my art making practice.  Maybe, I will make some just for the fun of it and share them with you!!

Online Galleries

I am integrating photography into my own artistic practice.  Sometimes the photos inspire the movement and other times they are made in a fully interdisciplinary or collaborative way with other artists.  And, I also simply photograph and create galleries too.  Members enjoy advance viewing of my online galleries.

Event Calendar

Stay up to date on all the things!!  You might like to plan ahead or love spontaneity.  Either way you will always have access to My Calendar.  Take a class or workshop with me, meet me for the first or bazillionth time, watch me work or come to one of my performances, gallery showings or works in process events.

Travel Journals

Members will have access to travel journals that I create based on my real world experience.  Every place I have been to, every activity I have enjoyed.  I hope that you find some inspiration and get out there.  All itineraries are extremely budget minded and include an emphasis on outdoor activities and enjoying nature.  Plus, you get to find out a little bit more about my artistic residencies, where much of my work has been created.

Member Perks

"Beauty through dance, photography and film sharing a passion for travel and the outdoors."
~ MM

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