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My Journey to creating a work of art starts here.

Living near Pelee Island, a beautiful island paradise, known for its nature trails, secluded beaches and Provincial Nature Reserves and immersing myself in The Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, I am intimately connected with my environment.  ​My audiences have enjoyed choreography designed to make meaningful connections with heritage sites, natural environments, museums, art galleries and urban streetscape.  

My formal education and training in the arts is embedded in the forms of contemporary dance.   A self taught photographer, I approach the creation of my performance work with an interdisciplinary lens, seeking to fully integrate my life and environment with my artistic practice. 


Driftwood X

Current Works

I have been creating and performing for longer than I can remember now and what a beautiful journey it has been indeed.   Early works were designed with the forms developed by modern dance pioneer, Martha Graham.  The awesome power and force inherent in this dance technique will always happily reside in my body and psyche.  With time and the evolution of my practice as an artist, new discoveries and research both personal and professional, my body of work is now interdisciplinary by design, as I seek to integrate my life and environment with my artistic practice.

Driftwood I.JPG

"Beauty through dance, photography and film sharing a passion for travel and the outdoors."
~ MM

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