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Your Photoshoot Location

Vancouver Island and The Canadian Rockies

Your selected the mountains, with water nearby as your ideal location for your Wild Woman Photoshoot in British Columbia.  

After reflecting on our conversation and your responses to questions, I have selected Tofino, Vancouver Island and Mount Robson as the locations for your WILD WOMAN photoshoot and The Lover and The Huntress as your WILD WOMAN archetypes.


Tofino Vancouver Island British Columbia

Your Wild Woman


The Lover and The Huntress.

ON SALE Inanna Star of Heaven and Earth  Digital Print - Etsy Australia.jpg
Daenerys Targaryen  Game of Thrones by Majdish on DeviantArt.jpg

The Lover Archetype

is a gateway to sensuality, creativity and passion.  She feels compelled to fulfill her creative instincts.  She is a magnet as her energy field is highly charged and she is full of presence and firmly rooted in the here and now.  Her greatest strengths are creativity, independence and pleasure orientation.

Venus of Wilendorf, Hathor, Inanna, Astarte, Mary Magdalene

The Huntress Archetype

is the path to independence and the warrior spirit.  She is focused on attaining her personal goals and represents the ability of a woman to pursue a life of her own choosing. Her greatest strengths are: courage, self reliance, goal orientation and often sympathetic to woman's issues. 

Ayla from Clan of the Cave Bear, Daenerys from Game of Thrones, Artemis, Wonder Woman Superheroine

Daenerys Targaryen Game of Thrones by Majdish

Inanna Star of Heaven by  Jojayson Goddess Art

Your Mood Board

As We See It.

Intuitive, sensual, spiritual and creative.


The rainforest with mountains, waterfalls nearby

Earthy tones.

Strawberries dipped in chocolate.

Mary Jo.png

Wardrobe, Props, Hair & Makeup

We will take a few mini shoots with different looks.  You will need the following or similar.

Red, blue, green and off white dresses and fabric, solid colours, minimal details

Wood Staff

Smoky eyes

Neutral toned partially see through dress

Wild Hair



Large Green Leaves

Fragmentation shots

Katerina Plotnikova photography_.jpg
Making Hiking Sticks, Walking Sticks, Carved Walking Stick_ Homemade Trekking Poles_.png
Imágenes Para Portadas - XIII.jpg
tout ce qui me touche____edited.jpg
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