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conscious bodies



Be moved and draw to you all that your heart desires.

Conscious Bodies is a developing practice that Andrea Nann, Artistic Director of Dreamwalker Dance Company in Toronto, has been working on for over 25 years.  This practice has been deeply influenced by her studies as a certified Gyrotonic Trainer, learning from master trainers, Domini Anne and Dana Gingras and from her studies in Spiral Praxis with Yuji Oka.

It continues to evolve through community engagement with practitioners like Mary Jo Mullins and through collaboration with researcher/knowledge mobilizer Danielle Denichaud, inclusion facilitator Michelle Silagy and Indigenous liaison Philip Davis.



CB Sessions

Make connections through self empowering embodiment.

Conscious Bodies has become the core creative process for the development of all my artistic endeavours. It inspires empowering embodiment, supports my desire to make meaningful and conscious connections between myself and my environment and it allows for an abundance of personal, unique and creative expressions to flow.



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I regularly offer CB Sessions Online and In Person.  At this time, all sessions are free.  You may find out when and how sessions are being offered and sign up for any or all sessions by clicking the button below.  Any questions, please feel free to contact me!

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"Beauty through dance, photography and film sharing a passion for travel and the outdoors."
~ MM

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